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  • 企業簡介
    WIK is a German privately owned Company, and was founded in the 1950’s. It is an ODM/OEM Manufacturer, and sells its products to most of the famous customers over the world (Europe, USA, Australia, China, Japan, Korea, Brazil, & etc.). We have set up more than 600 retailing sales counters for selling our WIK own label brand products in the PRC. Besides the head office in Germany where all marketing, sales, research and development, and financial control are centralized, WIK also has representative offices in Spain and United Kingdom. Most of the top management staff in Hong Kong office and China factory is German. WIK has a 100% owned production facilities in China, and a total number of 5,500 employees with further expansion. The main product ranges are Personal Care/Hair Care, Kitchen Appliances .
    偉嘉集團是建立于1950的德國全資企業。深圳偉嘉家電有限公司為自行開發生產或代客加工產品的廠家,產品客戶為世界各知名品牌(包括在歐洲/美國/澳洲/中國/日本/韓國/巴西等地),并已在中國各省市的大中型百貨及超級商場設 600多個零售專賣柜。總公司設在德國的艾森市,除市場銷售/開發/財政在總部外,還在西班牙及英國設有代表處。公司在香港及中國大陸的高層管理員大多都為德國人。偉嘉的100%生產設備在中國大陸,現有5500名雇員并在逐步增加。 其 產品 主要分成 二大類。 分別為:1)個人護理/ 美發護理 2)廚具用品