Quietly, without hesitation
Quickly, silently

How can we come to understand the presence of something that is always with us?

Holding us within its grasp,
the realm of which is immeasurable.

A paradox:

A Divine Plan (but whose?)


I wanted to scream...

My eyes red, my frustration peaked- and she just... laughed
She giggled at my tears.
She snicked at my sniffles.

In her laugh she made me realize my humanness.



A strength anew

No longer one- but two
Creating, forming
My own as well as another

Soft and gentle
You touch me
Inside and out  

Rain: beryl, delicate, in grace
Drops and falls from ashen skies
Cleansing Earth's floor of impurities
That we may start anew

The rain gives way to a violet sky,
Flecked with the powdery clouds that had once seemed so sinister.
Now lovely.
Bringing Promises of origin
Bringing Promises of beginning
Bringing Promises...

Eventually, the citrus sun peaks
Laughter abounds- carried on the warm breezes
The sounds of splashing...
The swinging, the sandcastles

Amber warmth penetrates cool winds;
Copper and crimson leaves crunch underfoot.
Warm apple pie is served to rosy-cheeked guests
And the orange spheres that decorate front porches mimic the glow of the sun
As it moves toward the distant horizon

Nature's crochet work decorates branches.
The chirping has ceased, and all is quiet
It is a time for reflection.

Finally, the silvery orb gravitates
Nearly out of sight

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