Friday, February 10, 2012

Sadie's Story

I was away at college when my sister called me excitedly. “I got a puppy!”

Not expecting this news at all, I asked question after question.  “How big?”

“Really little.  Like a kitten.”

“What color?”

“She's all black with what looks like grey eyeliner around her eyes.”
Very fashionable

She sounded really cute, and when I came home for a break I was not disappointed.  Sadie looked up at me with one ear straight up in the air and one flopping down on the side of her head.  She was also much bigger then any kitten I had seen!

“They're always like that,”  Maggie said, pointing to her ears.  “I think someone tried to clip them, but one didn't take.”
Resting on a pillow

Throughout the years, Sadie proved to be a great dog with a sweet disposition.  When it came time for Maggie to go away to college herself and for my mom to move out of the state, however, we ran into a bit of a conundrum.  What do we do about Sadie?

The moment their eyes met, the answer was clear.  My husband and Sadie were like soul mates.  
With her shirt on

Sadie came to live with us, and couldn't have been happier with her new living situation.  Kyle  took Sadie on several walks a day, wrestled with her, and snuggled at the end of the day.  She was an integral part of our little family.

Meeting Winnie for the first time
A lot of changes happened along the way the Sadie took in stride.  We got Winnie, a very high-energy puggle, Avery was born, and most recently, Hunter was born as well.  We've moved, gone on trips, and changed a lot of our lifestyle as a result of our growing family, but Sadie was a constant in our lives.

As time moved forward, Sadie got older before our eyes, and recently has been getting very sick.  When Kyle took her to the vet last night, she didn't come home.

Rest in peace, old girl.  We'll miss you.


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