Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It Takes Having Two to Realize how Easy it Is to Have One

Here I am again, back to my normal (and I use the term loosely) self. During the nine straight months of nausea, irritability, and general sickness, I couldn't muster up the charge to write anything; let alone cook, clean, or do anything other than make sure my toddler didn't dive off elevated surfaces head-first. But now I sit with ten minutes of “me time” for the first instance since Hunter was born in November. Granted, Avery is bopping her Diego and Baby Jaguar toys up and down my left arm, but you take what you can get.

Don't misread my intention from the title of my post; I don't mean to imply that infants aren't easy (eating, sleeping, pooping, repeat- that's their daily schedule, correct?), but I had Avery's and my days completely mapped out before, and now it takes seven hours to get out of the house.
If asked what she'd like to wear, Avery's choice is a frilly dress each time.  She usually layers a half a dozen necklaces on top, too.  Such a fashionista.

So, I ask you to please share- what are some of your personal “tricks” to make child-rearing a delightful experience?

I'll go first: after breast feeding for a grand total of two weeks, we began exclusively formula-feeding the baby (an expense and a chore to make). Using the powder (much cheaper than the pre-made stuff), I make a huge batch that lasts about two days and pour into a pitcher.

I have no idea if this is an innovative idea or something that is so antiquated that I should be given the corny award for excellence in a cliched lifestyle, but I thought I'd pony up a response as well.

Anyway, here's my new kid...
"Sometimes I like to lie in a basket."


  1. So glad you're back! Your baby is so cute! No ideas here, but I'll totally try the pitcher of formula if we have another one!

  2. If you figure out any more time-savers, let me know...

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  3. Diego and Dora have taken over at my house, too. Fortunately, it gets easier to find time for yourself as time goes on. Don't fret!!

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