Monday, March 7, 2011

T.A.D. (Target Attention Deficit)

It has become an absolute impossibility for me to drop in to Target and simply pick up what I came for, give the cashier the 20 bucks, and be on my way in a cool 15 minutes (as I had set out to do).

When I arrive there, I come face-to-face with bags of pretzels, wheat thins, goldfish crackers, and cookies that I (all of a sudden) need to have. Though the toy section (I came in for a birthday present for one of Avery's buddies) is across the store to the right, I make an executive decision to loop around, as not to miss anything.

The grocery aisles remind me that we need more bread, granola bars, oh- and why not grab some raisins too?

Dog biscuits are a must (to keep the puppies happy), we're almost out of laundry detergent, and that's a really cute top!

I peruse the $1 bins- just to see what they contain this week. I pick up some trinkets that will be good for Avery's Easter basket this year.

Finally, I end up at the cards, but on the way to the birthday section, I scope out some holiday greetings that I should purchase for the various relatives and other children in my life.

I walk swiftly over to the toys, trying to avert my gaze from all of the spectacular goodies that line the aisles on the way. Walking up and down with my specific goal in mind, I spy several things that I know would be just perfect for Matt, Nate, Zoe, Thea, and Miles- but I remain focused on my task at hand, repeating the mantra, “birthday present, birthday present, birthday present...” over and over aloud. Avery looks at me as though I'm insane, then looks back down at all the trinkets in the cart and giggles.

I got what I came for, then strolled over toward the children's section. Does Avery need new socks? Yeah, why not? The clearance racks had a couple tees that I had liked at full price, so for $3.88, it was a steal to grab a few.

Taking a deep breath I made the decision that I NEEDED to get to the cashier immediately.

On the way, I grabbed some new make-up and some face lotion. Hey I needed it!
And when I see a great pair of camel-colored wedges on sale (and just my size!), it just felt like kismet.

So, one hour and an empty wallet later, I traveled back to the car, loaded up my trunk with my new belongings and was on my way.

It wasn't until we pulled into the driveway that I remembered that I hadn't picked up any wrapping paper. I guess I'll just have to stop in again to quickly pick some up...


  1. AMEN! That is so totally me! My husband teases me all the time :/ My mom has the same addiction, you should see it when we go together :)

  2. If it were me shopping with another person who suffers from T.A.D., I know it would be a travesty... good luck!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your blog is adorable as well. I do the same thing at Target. It is abolutely my favorite place to go. I love the dollar bins! :)

  4. haha I know exactly what you're going through!! there's something about target where you just.can't.not.look at stuff you didn't know you needed until you got there!

  5. Oh how I know what you mean! I can never, ever go in that store without spending twice as much as I really needed to. Cute post!

  6. That is great! lol And my hubs pick on me for this being a trait hehe... guess he should read more would help me out! :)
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  8. Hilarious!! :) Thanks for stopping by <a href=">The Mom Adventures</a> - I'm following you back now! :)

  9. Aparently I am sucking at making links today.... grrr
    THIS should have been up there...
    The Mom Adventures

  10. I have a feeling that you might end up buying more "important" stuff once you go back to the market hahaha :)

    Thanks for the follow...i'm here to return the favor. :)


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  12. I am like you when going to target. I end up buying more than I should.

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