Friday, March 4, 2011

One of THOSE Days

I know the events that have thus far transpired throughout the course of today may not be the most terrible that have ever occurred, but to one who is currently dealing with such things one after the other, it has just been “one of those days.”

These bothersome aggravations, coupled with the severe mood swings due to, er, hormonal fluctuations, have led me to consume three cans of Diet Dr. Pepper today- a soda habit that I'm trying (rather unsuccessfully, I guess) to break. Since it is only 2:00, I'm hoping the day will turn around. It is Friday, after all...

For the purpose of cleansing my brain to start anew, I am going to divulge some of the day's happenings.

  • This morning I went to the gym. After trying three machines that didn't work for some reason or another (on one of them the TV was broken- how am I supposed to workout without Regis and Kelly's wild antics?), I finally found an elliptical that ran correctly, but the water bottle holder was cracked. Balancing my adorable pink container on top of the machine, I began doing my thing (and watching Josh Groban fill in for the Reg- who knew a classical singer could be so funny?). Anyhoo, the next thing I knew, my water bottle smashed to the ground. I found a place for it on the floor and continued in my run toward, well, nowhere. When I looked down on the floor 10 minutes later, there was water pooled everywhere, being absorbed by my sweatshirt that I had the pleasure of donning, while still soaked, outside in the 30 degree weather. Fun! I had to throw my cracked bottle in the trash, then try to sop up the puddle under my machine with the non-absorbent paper towels that the gym provides, while the janitor gave me nasty looks.

  • When we got home from that little escapade, I put Avery in for her nap. Six minutes later, she was crying. When I went in to check on her, she was standing up in her crib. “No nap,” she proclaimed, then handed me her pacifier and lifted up her arms. “Down.”

  • Trying to get myself together was a treat; when I emerged from the bathroom after swiping on mascara, Avery had somehow completely destroyed the place. Toys and books were EVERYWHERE. As I looked more closely, though, I noticed the dog sniffing then licking up something. Upon closer observation, I distinguished it as some kind of beady goo*. As I looked around the house, I saw that it had collected in clumps all over the living room floor, spread out in the den, and took over the couch. What was this stuff? Immediately, I began looking at all the toys to determine the source. I threw the dogs outside so they'd stop licking what could have been something poisonous. I vacuumed it up as best that I could, but it was just one of those icky substances that refuses to be sucked up.

*I am fairly certain after talking it out that the goo came from the inside of Avery's diaper- like the absorbency beads or something, but since I put her in her crib an hour ago, I'm not going to find out if that's the case until she wakes.

So, in a nutshell, that has been my day...
Please tell me that your has been better. Happy Friday!

So these pics have nothing to do with the post, but they make me happy.


Oma's linzer tarts


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  2. Thanks for following Just Wedeminute, I'm following you back. Hope tomorrow is a MUCH better day!!!

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    Have a great weekend, sounds like you need it!

  4. Cute pics! I work out at home and avoid the issues with the machines. However, no tv and if my treadmill breaks I'm done for! I'm a new follower from Crazed Fan hop.

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