Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy March!

The view of a neighborhood house from out my car window.  Don't worry- there were several other houses that still had Christmas decorations up as well.  Are they late in taking them down, or super-early for next year?


  1. I had my decorations up until the end of January :) Thanks for the visit!

  2. Oh, you were so sweet to follow my blog and leave a comment. Thank you so much! What a fun pic-its Christmas in march!

    Russo @

  3. We just took down our Christmas lights last night b/c of the snow and how cold it's been here. We don't have all those decorations though it was just the Christmas lights, as hubby had to climb the rough or in a 3 foot snow back to get them down so they stayed up until yesterday. I am guessing the snow is hindering. In my ILs neighbourhood there was a family that use to leave this huge santa head on their front door all year! LOL they moved now and it seems weird to not see it anymore.

  4. Haha! We had a wreath up at the peak of our house that we had to wait for some of the snow to melt before we could get it down from the roof, but Santa Claus decorations outside? I just wonder for how long they will be left out...

  5. Wow! I can't believe people still have Christmas decorations up - I guess it's easy when there is still snow on the ground!

  6. lol.. too funny! Maybe they could claim they are "frozen" in place! ;)

  7. Maybe they just really like their Christmas decorations. I usually take mine down on New Year's Day because I am tired of looking at them. I can't imagine having to drive by that house everyday.

  8. I am following you back from the blog hop. Thanks for stopping by.

  9. LOL!! We have a couple of neighbors that haven't taken down their lights for over 10 years! And yes we talk about them :-) Hope you'll take a minute and swing by my blog for a visit.


  10. Haha. Well it still looks like Christmas there - don't they get any credit for that.

  11. Yes ladies- they probably just like the way the decor looks against the snow. Based on the snowfall on Long Island this year, this means that plastic Santa and Frosty will be up until July-ish.

  12. Thank you for stopping by Retro Housewife: The Remix

  13. Stopping by from Thursday Blog hop.....I know exactly why their Christmas Decorations are still up...because we too have our Christmas lights up!

    The house has a husband that promised his wife that he would take down the lights right after Christmas....the wife waits and waits and waits, and the husband still has not taken down the lights. Now it is a matter of proving a point and not giving in by taking them down herself!

    This is why you still see Christmas lights up in March!


  14. Hockey wife- you just made me snort. I've definitely been in the same boat. I think you're right!

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  17. My husband just took down the Christmas lights!

  18. HAHAHA....I stopped by my parents house last week...and one of the neighbors has 5 GIANT 6-8 feet tall Wooden Sesame Street Characters...dressed up for Christmas...still on their postage stamp size front yard....really who does that? lol It is Awful!
    I am your newest follower...Please stop by, say hi and follow me too :)
    Thanks and Have a great day!

  19. I'm glad those aren't my neighbors! :)

    I'm following you back. Thanks for visiting my blog!


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