Thursday, March 17, 2011


Tomorrow, March 18th, marks my one year bloggaversary (is that how you spell it?  It's always hard to get made-up words correct...), so in honor of this (kinda) special occasion, I thought I'd present to you my first post, written approximately one year ago, with a very different blog in mind.  Here we go.

Trials and Errors- oh, so many errors

Life is a series of trials- I know it is my first go-around. We can make plans: I planned to make all my baby's food from scratch each day, I planned on always working full time, I planned on living a life a little less ordinary... Well, hopefully the last is still on the table (I am, according to some, still young). Without trial, how would I know that purple eye shadow just isn't for me? That making the bed shapes my mood for the entire day? That cooking, though at times frustrating, makes me feel happy; I am providing for my family (even if said family that I am providing for is just me and my husband).

That said, I have been constantly trying new recipes out, in order to keep up the variety (spice it up? Ugh- sorry), accumulate more strategies and recipes in my repertoire, and just hone this craft into a skill that I can be incredibly proud of.

And perhaps blogging about it will give me something to go on the internet for, aside from checking Facebook 85 times a day.

That is all folks- I will see you all in my second year!

p.s.- As a side note, I still "try" purple eyeshadow about once a month, just to be sure.
p.p.s.- Happy St. Patty's.  Have some green beer, and get your celebration under way!


  1. Post pictures of your recipes. I love looking at food. But that's because I'm a fat ass.

    As I type this I am eating cake. So much for the dieting...

  2. Happy Bloggaversary! though i m not sure if d spelling is correct! reading u always makes me smile, n i look so damn cute wen i smile. So thanx for making me look cute in front of my computer! *hugs*

  3. Aww, shucks. Thank you, Nabo, I am always inspired by the cuteness of readers!

    Oh, and Annah (you never cease to make me laugh), you've inspired me to take a picture of my chicken parm tonight (half eaten, of course).

    And p.s.- I ate 3 brownies today, but they had green sprinkles, so I just chalked it up to getting into the St. Patrick's Day spirit.

  4. i never celebrated mine! congrats doll! u should def. post more food! i'm such a scrounge! ur lemonade stand looks delightful...thank you! xo

  5. Congrats on your bloggerversery, wait, did I spell it write? Oh well, thanks for passing by at Mom's Tree House and can't wait to see what you're gonna write for the Writer's Club.


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