Friday, February 25, 2011

On Day One

“I bet this is what heaven looks like.”
The statement is received with a standard rolling of the eyes that I would expect from the boy sitting next to me. My nonsensical outburst is meant to sound sweet- childlike; however, I can tell that my literal-minded fiancé finds it extremely morbid. I look up again at the unusually violet sky, riddled with impossibly opaque puffs of white cotton. Unreal. This whole day has seemed different than most…a beginning.
Like any other Tuesday, I awoke to my clock radio belting out the sounds of the “70s, 80s, 90s, and today!” Gruesome. I flipped the knob to off, unconsciously swinging my bare toes onto the cold wood floor. The sudden departure from my cozy feather comforter sent a chill up to my earlobes. It was as though my feet had never before experienced a change in temperature. Eerie.
A mediocre day ensued, yet each experience- a dull “good morning” from an even duller coworker, the smell of my microwaved, “gourmet” lunch, even the spectacular view of the dumpster out my peephole of a window seemed, impossibly, new.
Even currently, as I peer out the passenger side of my fiancé’s Civic, at the smattering of shadows created by oversized and un-manicured pine trees, I sigh loudly. The boy turns to me with half a smile.
“Yeah, it’s probably something like this.”


  1. i to have days like that. Day where I look at my fiance as a stranger and wonder how did I ever get so lucky. It is sort of like a dejavu episode just without the repeat button lol.

  2. So glad this piece is relatable!

  3. lovely writing! happens to me at times, too...though lately hubby has learned more to appreciate what's around us (after he got his new dslr! lol)

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  12. I like this piece. Very cute :)

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