Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In the News... Pennsylvania Teacher Natalie Munroe is Suspended for Writing a Personal Blog

There have definitely been moments during my life that I've been frustrated by those around me, especially at work (where you are thrown into a situation with people who you didn't necessarily “choose” as friends), and most especially as a teacher. Kids do and say hurtful things sometimes.

It is frustrating when they don't retain simple information.

And why is it nearly impossible to turn in an assignment THE DAY IT'S DUE!

That said, having seen news accounts of Natalie Munroe, a Pennsylvania high school teacher who was suspended (with pay) for blog posts that revealed her true feelings for the students, parents, and administration of her school, I found myself asking, why did you become a teacher?

To read some of the press on Munroe, you can go here, here, or here.

Opposers of my opinion may argue that Munroe's blog was created as her online journal- a place to vent about her dissatisfaction (or contentment... she discussed her “cute, spring-inspired outfit” in one of her posts) with her job or life in general. Can the administration (those that she refers to as a**holes) really see fit to fire her based on her own anger and profanity-laden assertions?


Though she didn't refer to any student by name, calling these children “dunderheads,” “complainers,” and “weird” can cause a massive dent in the esteem of the class as a whole, the exact opposite of what a teacher is supposedly setting out to do.

When a student does not turn in an assignment, perhaps one of the thoughts that goes through a teacher's mind is “lazy kid- just do the work!” In actuality, however, there may be many reasons why it is difficult for said student to turn in a project, essay, or homework. It is up to the trained adult in the situation to consider why.

Is there a pattern to this behavior?
Is there something going on at home?
Does this child have a special need for a different system?

Oftentimes, laziness has nothing to do with it at all.

I think all parents have the expectation that their children will be shown tolerance when at school all day, and that is why this story is so disturbing. Hopefully, the majority of people will realize that this is one person who does not represent the thoughts and feelings of all educators.


  1. You have to be careful when posting about your job online. It's a slippery slope for sure.

    Maybe she was having a bad day and just needed to vent. I know I've vented on my blog and said something more out of frustration that true "feelings."

    But you are right there could be more reasons than just laziness for not doing the work.

  2. It's unbelievable how "safe" people feel they are in the confines of there own home... the truth is, the moment you hit "publish" or "send," the information is out there.

    And I would agree with you that maybe she was having a bad day, but the blog was apparently dedicated to putting down those around her, especially her students. There were many blog posts in which she cruelly called the children despicable names.

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    She probably should have kept those thoughts to herself!

  5. We live in a world where many times our personal lives (some more so than others) is publically aired on the Internet.

    A few months back there was mention of teenagers may have to change their name as adults to escape the inappropriate or tell-all comments they have posted on their blogs or social networking sites. Crazy, right?

    Employers are looking at said 'social networks' for their next employee or even present ones. Do you really think an employer is going to want you, if you boost about getting drunk or stoned regularly on the weekends? What about such censored comments this teacher made? She represents the school system she is employed through or think bigger, the state. This is not cool to make your employer look bad no matter now much you dislike where you work. You HAVE to remain professional and polite.

    Do we know the entirity of what's going on with this teacher, her students/co-workers, parents, etc? Nope, we never will even if it gets tons more media coverage. It'll become like a parade of circus clowns not knowing who to follow.

    Word of caution, be careful what you put out there because you just never know when it will come back to bite you.

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    ~Cathy Kennedy, Children's Author
    The Tale of Ole Green Eyes

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  7. I was working in social work at the time a bunch of us co-workers and former co-workers were on myspace - haha that seems so long ago - anyway 3 of us were having a conversation back and forth one weekend about a supervisor and the whole place got called into a meeting that next Monday morning and told to remove any comment about the company from any social networking site by the end of the day or we all would be replaced.

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  8. Wow, Sara, it just goes to show you that you never put anything in print that you would regret being repeated!

  9. And Cathy, I couldn't have said it better myself... great points!

  10. If she wanted to do this and use her blog as a journal, she should've either made it 'private' where NO one but her could read it, or done it ALL anonymously, *sigh* some people just don't 'practice what they preach, or in this case, 'teach''

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  12. We should be careful when writing about our jobs!! Anybody can read the information on the internet.

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  14. I am in complete agreeance. there has to be a professional line drawn somewhere. I mean our children learn from everyone and everything, not just their parents!

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  16. WOW!! I have to agree with you on this one. We really do need to think before we hit the publish button. Thanks!!

  17. I was a bit on the fence with this one until I saw an interview with the teacher. She seemed very sarcastic. I am from Pa. and know very well the school she teaches at and seriously it is a very frustrating area. However; vent with a counselor or a good friend and a bottle of wine. No trash talking kids!
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  18. Doreen- I so know what you're talking about... and in the past I HAVE vented with friends and had bottle of wine. The following day, I woke up and remembered why I got into this profession- for the kids!

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  20. Crazy stuff. I wish I could visit her blog. On the bright side I bet she's had a ton of hits. LOL!

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  21. I agree the question of why does exist also how because if they started their carrer with a wonderful attitude towards education or not did they somehow hit burnout and if so how

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  23. This has been in our news too. I wrote a blog post a few years ago after my daughter was bullied at school and the school did nothing about it. Unfortunately, they ripped me apart and almost took me to court. It was a harrowing time. I mentioned no names whatsover, but a member of staff was reading used to read my blog and decided to go to the Head and report me. She was supposed to be a good friend, and had also said she supported my claim on the bullying issue. Some friend!

    I think this teacher did make a mistake but it's such a thorny issue.

    Found you on Sunday blog hop.
    CJ xx

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  25. Kirsten,

    Great site! Are you and your friends interested in seeing a new and wildly unique teacher's blog? One that’s deeply thoughtful, literate, and downright funny?

    Then enjoy A Dixie Diary, at The response from readers all over America has been astonishing.

    Actually published a few days ago during the midst of the Munroe business, this unique teacher's journal shows a different look at what happens in the schoolhouse by a rookie teacher who loves his work and his students, but he expresses his thoughts and observations in a hugely different way than Mrs. Munroe. Sure, there are some intense student-teacher moments, even some choice words, too, but mostly it's world-class hilarious, heartwarming … like reading a good book.

    It's the teacher's blog we've been waiting for. It's simply mesmerizing.

  26. I had almost the exact same opinion. For crying out loud, I wait tables two nights a week. The opportunity for comic relief is limitless.

    I don't EVER do it. Because I could get fired. And it's not like I'm charged with kids self esteems and educations...just their mac and cheese.

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