Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bloggy Block

In an effort to replace yesterday's post with something a bit more up-beat, I have decided that I must write something today.

What I should write about remains the issue at hand.

Let's see- what did I do today? Ah, yes. Avery and I went to a mommy-and-me gymnastics class in a studio that is designed for toddlers to run around, jump on the trampolines, and play with the parachute.

Though it should be an amazing time for my little one, whose two besties are in the class with us, she choses instead to clam up, then scream and cry whenever the instructor comes near her. It's a thrill a minute.

Yesterday... let's see. Oh yeah, Kyle and I met some friends and ate our body weight in sushi. It wasn't pretty. We then went to the mall so that hubby could buy another suit. He likes to look debonaire, what can I say?

View from the back of the mall stroller: "Do not put child in bag."  Is this really a problem?
Going to pick out suits with a toddler who all of a sudden has the energy level of an erupting volcano while hot saki is coursing through one's veins and causing severe exhaustion is torture. But he got a good deal- and that's what really matters.


  1. Interesting sign on the back of the stroller.

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  3. I adore your sense of humor! You'd probably be surprised where people {attempt} to put their kids.lol finding you thru the hop yesterday come by and say hello when you get a chance :)
    {tara} from Undeserving Grace

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    Maybe because I am so ADD?

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  9. I am sure it's a real problem. You also get blenders telling you not to put hand in when turned on...really people do strange things.

    I'm your newest follower from the blog hop.


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  12. glad they told me. i regularly make it a habit to stuff my child into small uncomfortable areas, don't you? :) thanks for stopping by my blog!

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  17. Yes. We are KINDRED SPIRITS and BFF's... My 4 year old had gymnastics... but to be even more funny about suit shopping is that I was babysitting a 6 month old... so I had my Emma, Noadh - who I was tending and is 4, and a 6 month old with my husband... not good times. Lol I hate suit shopping no matter how amazing they look. It just isn't like normal shopping.


    Are you foollowing me??

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