Thursday, February 24, 2011

All About Me

Since I had a narcissistic need to blab on and on about myself for a bit, I have decided to add an “All About Me” tab to the blog (go ahead and click it- you won't regret it). Shortly thereafter, I added the “Short Stories” tab to re-record some of my more story-like posts (all have them have links back to the originals if you'd like to comment).

My problem is that there are three lonely tabs up there- what other pages should I add? I don't do reviews or giveaways, so I have no need to list those or to add a disclosure statement.



  1. I'm having the same problem. I don't know what to do with my extra tabs either. :|

  2. How about "Photos" if you have a pile of them... and "Links" to list your favourite sites / blogs. You could include people's grab-me's. And lastly you could add a "Contact" or Email button if you're open to people emailing you... No one ever wants to see lonely tabs! ; )

  3. That's great! I love to add tabs. When I first started adding tabs, I wasn't sure what to put, but don't worry you will probably figure it out sooner or later. Nevermind the fact I had no idea how to add it at first, then I finally figured it out lol. How about a recipes tab?

  4. I love these ideas! Photos might be nice, also links to my fave blogs, and recipes! Awesome!
    (You can tell that I'm overly excited because of the exceptional amout of exclamation points)

  5. Stopping by from the blog hop. I'm a new follower. Hopefully you can return the favor. :)

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog. That is too cool that you also had pancakes for dinner.
    Sorry I don't have anything new to add to this conversation. I only just started adding "pages" the other day and was so excited I finally learned how that I monopolized the computer. I'm not done yet I don't think. I have the weekly linkups that I link up to and my photography challenges. Recipes might be a good one for mine. I'm getting some ideas from the comments here. Of course we are homeschooling so I am going to be adding one about our "curriculum."

  7. Checked out your "all about Kirsten" page. Very cool. I grew up in Queens and my mother had some friends on Long Island. In fact I think my sister is living there now. I think, she keeps moving so I can't keep track. I started out going to college for education, but ended up married with children so my education was on hold. When I could go back to school we lived in rural Pa and the closest college offered Human Services. That was the closest I could get, so I took all the courses they offered in child care. I worked at a Montessori for several years after my divorce and am now remarried and staying home homeschooling my 3 girls.
    Sorry, didn't mean to ramble.

  8. Hi Kirsten. So glad I found you, still smiling after reading your About Me and Short Stories. I'm a new follower actually stopping in on the hop for Friday. As for your extra tabs, for now you could do a Hop tab, and list all the hops you participate in for each day of the week, thus allowing your readers to hop with you easily. You could do a favorite recipe tab, do a menu for each day of the week, you could do an Avery page, pictures and blurbs, I think I am done babbling for now but if I think of anything else I will let ya know :).

    Happy Friday,


  9. Thanks for the follow from FFF. Following you right back.

    Super cute blog and funny to boot. I'm always looking for more laughter!!

    Have a terrific Friday!!

  10. Thanks for visiting! I'm following back!

  11. Hi, I am a new follower who found you through the You Like Me Friday Blog Hop. I love to find new blogs to follow, so I’m looking forward to following yours. If you are able, I appreciate a follow back ~ I’m still a new blogger and a growing blog is a happy blog!
    Thank you!
    ~KerrieLynn ღೋ☙❤
    P.S. How about an index tab?

  12. Hi! I’m already a follower but I wanted to stop by and say hi and thank you so much for following my blog. Hope you are having a Sweet Week.

  13. YEAH for ".com"! LOL- I know- it's so silly but I feel extra professional now!

  14. Thanks for joining my blog hop and becoming a follower. I'm following you back.


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