Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Within the Archive that is my Brain

Blog Dare:  What first prompted you to blog?

Blogging is a documentation of the goings-on in my life; I am able to look back, much like a diary, at the thoughts I was experiencing at different points during my time writing.

It also allows me to post photos of some of the things that I have found important during certain moments- notice, if you will, the quantity of pictures that show my daughter's smiling face!

Blogging is also an outlet for me; a place where I can write anything I please, and gain ideas to expand upon at a later time if I so wish. It lets me see what works and what doesn't- the varieties of writing that audiences respond to, and the types that should be banished to the world of dissolution.

It tells me, through your comments and personal statistics, what you, the reader, enjoy. So, keep the comments coming- it limitlessly fuels my passion!


  1. newest follower- Nice post. I love hearing about problems with kids and how they are handled but I like reading on any number of things. All the best!


  2. Thanks Clay! And don't worry- I promise to speak up when Avery gives me problems (I say as she's rolling around on the floor because I just closed the refrigerator door)...

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