Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Habit

Most of us are creatures of habit in some way: we ALWAYS have a cup (or nine) of coffee each morning, or we have to listen to the same fuzzy radio station in the car, or perhaps dinner just isn't the same without ice cream at the end. The point is, the majority of people have a few things that they HAVE to do in order for the universe to be aligned and the day to go smoothly.

For me, this “habit” is making the bed.

As my husband has proclaimed (and an argument that I've heard before- usually from a guy), “What's the point of tidying up the sheets, smoothing out the comforter, and placing the shams neatly at the headboard if it's only going to be messed up again that night?” Well, I DO have my reasons.

First of all, when I walk into the bedroom and pillows cover the floor, a blanket is crumpled up in the corner, and the quilt clings to a corner of the mattress for dear life, the entire room looks messy and small. I have to hop from the entryway to the closet door just to get to my jeans and sweater.

Second, I am an adult. My husband is an adult. We live in a house. I just feel that this is one of the things that we can do to show how responsible we've become. “Look Ma, we're all growned up!”

Additionally, we have a child who, at her tender age, is extremely impressionable. How else can we show her that it is important to be neurotic enough to have your entire day shaped by a rather menial detail.

So, that leads me to the question, what are some of the daily habits that you can't live without?  


  1. For me I have to listen to my favorite radio show Rob, Arnie, and Dawn in the morning. It starts my day out with an adult conversation instead of kid talk which is what I hear for the rest of the day.

  2. Adult conversation... What's that? I only respond to things recited in Dora-speak.

  3. Daily habit is my to-do list that has extraordinary items that I will probably get at least 2 of them crossed if I'm lucky. Helps me to organize the beginning of my day and prepare myself mentally and allowing flexibility for those unforeseen circumstances!

  4. I'm guilty of almost never making my bed!

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