Friday, January 7, 2011

First Day

Blog Dare: First day of high school

Close-up on a girl: blond hair, blue and frightened eyes, nervous grin. About five feet tall, small-boned (weak) frame, fourteen years old.

Pan out: a sea of teenagers, all of which walk hastily in groups of friends and other cohorts, talking excitedly about summer adventures spent vacationing in Europe, lazy days at the beach, and night-time keg parties at what's-his-name's place.

When the bus had pulled up to her new high school for the first time, it seemed surreal. Though she had passed the immense building a million times, she had never thought this day would actually come.
But here it was.

The girl looks up at her peers. How did they all get so tall? She decides that more milk was the only solution. Looking quizzically at the numbers emblazoned on the classroom doors, she quickens her pace. She wouldn't want to be tardy for class on the first day.

After climbing the stairs, then going back down again in a fruitless attempt to locate Global Studies I, she bumps into a tall, dark-haired girl with large, unblinking eyes and an out-going disposition that seems the exact opposite of our protagonist.

Hi! I'm Jackie! Are you a new tenth grader too?”
Umm, yeah. I'm Kirsten,” she says hesitantly to the new girl.
I totally don't know my way around this place yet, but I'll help you out if you need it- you look a little lost.”
Is it that obvious? I'm looking for room 223. Sorry, I don't recognize anyone right now and I just don't know where I'm going and...”
Hey! Global? I'm going there too! I think it's up stairs!”

So the two girls, unmatched in appearance, stature, and personality, made their way back up the stairs and enter the history classroom just as the bell rings. The teacher slams the door.

Take your seats immediately. I don't take well to late-comers, you should know that about me. We're here to learn about history, a history that is augmented exponentially with each passing day. It is vital that you come to class each day prepared to learn, to complete your readings, and to finish all homework and projects on time. Are there any questions at this juncture?” Barely pausing to catch his breath he goes on, “Great. Let's begin.”

Kirsten looked about at the other students scribbling furiously in their new notebooks, remembering instantly that she has yet to pull hers out of her backpack.

Is there a problem?” Mr. H questions her as she unzips the bag and grabs the red spiral notebook out.
Uh... no... I...umm...”
He promptly ignors her attempt at a response and continues on with his lecture.

The remainder of the morning classes move more rapidly- math (where Kirsten forgets her scientific calculator at home and has to borrow from the teacher's supply), English (where she drops her text on the floor creating a booming slam, resulting in the stifled giggles of the other kids), then lunch.

Thankfully, most of her grade level were also in the cafeteria at this time. Recognizing Jackie right away, she exhales. “Hi. Is anyone sitting here?” Kirsten motions toward an empty seat at the table.

No, go right ahead. Global was crazy, huh?”
Yeah.” Kirsten sighs as she takes her seat next to her new friend.
Mr. H seems like he's all business, but I heard he's only like that the first couple weeks, then he calms down a bit. I heard that from some buddies of mine that I know from theatre.”
Oh- you're in the theatre arts program?”
Well, not here... yet. But I do some community stuff where I met some people. You should join the Players Club here. I heard it's pretty great.”
Cool. I think I will.”

The afternoon seems to fly by in a haze of Kirsten's clumsy blunders, strict teachers, and racing to classes. Though Jackie isn't in any more of her classes, Kirsten feels more confident in herself now that she's made a new friend.

When the day is over, she walks into her house with a bit more pep than she'd left with.
So, how was your first day of school?” Her mom asked, smiling.

Great,” Kirsten responded. “I'm going to be an actress.”


  1. I really enjoyed reading this. Going to a new school sure can be tough. I'm glad things worked out!!!


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