Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Both a Blessing and a Curse: Going Away AND Some Dinners that Incorporate the Good Stuff

I hate to be “one of those people” who complains about something that is truly fantastic, but the fact that I'm going to be donning a bikini in less then a week is a very daunting notion.

Glorious azure skies, warm Caribbean air, salty sapphire waters... I look forward to every moment of my quickly-approaching vacation, and yet I can't help acknowledging my pasty winter skin and the “extra layer” that I'm holding on to, protecting me from an incredibly frigid winter in New York.

I, therefore, decided that over the course of this week I will try to incorporate as many “super-foods” as possible into my diet, including quinoa, kale, and kidney beans. I was motivated in part (okay, entirely) by an article in this month's issue of Real Simple magazine, entitled “The 30 Healthiest Foods... and how to Eat More of Them” (106).
Mmmm... edamame.  I could get used to eating better!

Last night, for example, I whipped up the yogurt-marinated chicken with mushrooms and sweet potatoes. After consuming the delicious (and easy!) concoction, I actually felt really GOOD- and full!

Up for the remainder of the week? Roasted broccoli, salad with kidney beans, and Giada's turkey meatloaf tonight, tomorrow I'll be dusting off the slow cooker to make chicken adobo with bok choy, then chili-glazed pork with spinach salad and lentils on Thursday, and a meal of whole-grain pasta with sauteed chard and raisins on Friday. Saturday? I'm getting some much-deserved take-out; but don't worry- something light (you all looked very concerned).

The magazine also had some great ideas for smoothies, so I'm going to make the strawberry-flax one for a snack this week. We'll see how it goes (somehow I think it would be better if I put a little rum in it, but I think I'm getting a little ahead of myself).

So I'm off to go do some sit-ups in anticipation of next week's festivities. Wish me luck!


  1. thanks for stopping by my blog today! You should link up one of your tasty recipes to my What's Cooking Wednesday linky!


  2. HI! I'm over from Whip it and wanted to check out your blog. I need more tips on eating healthy, thanks.

  3. Hey I found you at whip it wednesday! Love the healthy eating. I hope you can follow me over at http://imamomnotaprofessional.blogspot.com/

  4. Omg how delicious does that sound?! Anything with both brown sugar and soy sauce is alright by me...love love the sweet and salty! Thank you so much for commenting and letting me know that the linky isn't working. I'm trying to get it up and will upload your URL if I can get it working!! Have a lovely weekend!

    Mrs H

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