Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What's in a Name?

Where Moms Who Blog Go!

The events in our lives change us drastically, as people, from one moment to the other, so it is no surprise that my blog and its contents have been modified since it began in March. I began writing it as an outlet to record the recipes that I was using from week-to-week, hence the name “Dinner With Kir”- me being the “Kir” that is referenced, and “dinner” being the food that I was making each night.

Each time I posted the recipe links, however, I noticed that my real joy came from writing the short, journal-like anecdotes that preceded my dinner plan.

After a short while, I began writing fewer dinner plans and extending the anecdotes to be full posts. So, that's it. My blog is still entitled “Dinner With Kir”- the “Kir” still is me, but “dinner” references the time spent in the kitchen chatting!

I would love to hear the story behind your blog's name... let me know with a comment!


  1. i love dinner with can be about your everyday life and i don't think you should change it:) i changed my name a lot but am so glad i changed to freckles and fudge...freckles because that's me...i have a ton....and fudge because my life is full of good and bad! i don't plan on changing:)

  2. Thanks Vic- I love going to your blog too!

  3. Bus full of Gingers and Crazies was the most logical choice for mine. I have six kids some mine and some step kids. Most of them have red hair as do I. My fiance and I are Pirates (his idea not mine) CRAZY huh. Oh yea and we have a Tahoe which every seat is always spoken for next step is a short bus LOL. Together all that makes of a Bus full of Gingers and Crazies.

  4. Cool! Isnt it funny how our blogs start off as one thing and turn into something else? Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  5. I always thought that the name of your blog was very descriptive Shannon! I can just picture all your ginger-haired kids bundled up in a big ol' truck (or bus)!

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