Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's Resolution 2011

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In an effort to drop the 4 pounds acquired during the holiday season, my New Year's resolution this year is to eat healthier, go to the gym more often, and to consider doing a sit-up or two every once in a while. But, since I know it is impractical to think that this is something that I can stick to for a long period of time (how often can one eat baked chicken and quinoa for dinner?), I at least vow to be unoffensive when I show up at the beach on vacation this year.

I have found that dropping a few pounds is so much easier when one is working. What is packed for lunch is what you're eating. Compulsory self-control. Some dry Fiber One cereal and an apple? Well, if it's the only thing available... Three crackers and a box of raisins? Okay, better than nothing.

Being at home, surrounded by temptation, is a dieter's nightmare. How can one restrict the intake of calories when a bag of leftover Christmas cookies calls out from inside the cabinet?

So, maybe the solution is to be out of the house more often. Pack a lunch consisting of six almonds and a bottle of water, get in the car, and go. Anywhere. The key? Don't stop at the drive thru for a chocolate shake.

So, it's been settled. My new New Year's resolution: participate in things that draw me out of the house as often as possible, even if that means applying a modicum of willpower to my daily actions.

Ugh, my stomach is growling already.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hosting For Dummies

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My husband and I began a tradition of hosting Christmas day at our house a few years back, and couldn't be happier- we can eat (a ton), drink (a boat-load), and be merry (woo-hoo!) all within the confines of our own abode.
Everybody is gathered for Christmas day fun!

Avery, as well as any as-yet-unborn children we may have, doesn't have to leave Santa's fare to go off to Aunt Suzy-Q's house, we don't have to worry about driving after four (teen) glasses of eggnog, and both Kyle and I love hosting.

The problem is, we would also like to attend our own party, and not be stuck in the kitchen the whole time. So, the solution: come up with a menu that we can make ahead, find food that is quick to cook, or tell people to bring something. We do all three.
My momma flecked by my aunts in their red ensembles

We usually have a big crowd, so we'll throw a turkey in the oven in the morning, Kyle makes a filet (which is nice and quick), and we have a pasta dish. Then comes the sides.

Like I said, everyone usually brings a little something- creamed spinach, stuffing, cranberry relish, green beans, salad, etc. (I'm currently drooling).

I make an easy, yet delicious mashed potato dish that requires very minimal effort. There is actually no peeling involved! You can find the recipe here.
Santa baby and I- circa 2009

I'm so happy that I have family and friends who love to come and play with us on this fun evening!

Look at all that growing she's done!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What's in a Name?

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The events in our lives change us drastically, as people, from one moment to the other, so it is no surprise that my blog and its contents have been modified since it began in March. I began writing it as an outlet to record the recipes that I was using from week-to-week, hence the name “Dinner With Kir”- me being the “Kir” that is referenced, and “dinner” being the food that I was making each night.

Each time I posted the recipe links, however, I noticed that my real joy came from writing the short, journal-like anecdotes that preceded my dinner plan.

After a short while, I began writing fewer dinner plans and extending the anecdotes to be full posts. So, that's it. My blog is still entitled “Dinner With Kir”- the “Kir” still is me, but “dinner” references the time spent in the kitchen chatting!

I would love to hear the story behind your blog's name... let me know with a comment!
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