Sunday, November 7, 2010

In Your *Extra* Time

The brooding, bitter winter lay before us all, with its icy winds and biting temperatures that nip at our faces, no matter the amount of wool that we have wrapped around our heads. We are, however, recompensed with an extra hour, with which to... do what?

What are some of the things that I plan to do during this time of “falling back”?

  1. blog
  2. check my email 47 times
  3. update my facebook status every 10 minutes
  4. complete the crossword puzzle (with help)
  5. attach the completed crossword to the refrigerator door
  6. read the most current issue of “Us Weekly”

Hopefully I will be able to finish all that I've set out to do during my extra hour.

So, I ask, what are your plans during YOUR extra hour? How do you plan on spending this extra time that you've been given?


  1. Blogging of course! =) Thanks for stopping by Remember Ember! i'm now following too! Can't wait to read more!


  2. Definitely checking my Blogger Dashbaord for updates. I love checking out people's blogs. And a whole extra hour to do it (when I should probably be putting another load of washing in...) sounds like bliss to me!!

    Another great post!


  3. Hi! I’m following you now from Relax & Surf Sunday. Please follow my blog of inspiring quotes and poems! Thanks!

  4. We hosted a baby shower today. I did some extra decorating with my extra hour. Thank you for following me. I am already following you.

  5. New follower! Would love you to stop by and follow back.

  6. I would love to sleep but my children have other plans! LOL

    Happy Monday! I'm a new follower! I would love for you to follow me back if you don't already! :) Hope you have an awesome week!


  7. Thanks for following Hollywood Glamorous, it's deeply appreciated friend. Returned the favor.

    I spent my extra hour, complaining about how slow time seemed to pass. :)

  8. trying to get my kids to go back to sleep. your newest BloggyMoms follower. looking forward to reading more! would *love* a follow back. you can find me at:

    lots of FUN giveaways... come by and enter!

  9. Thank for the follow and supporting the hop. I am now following you as well. Have a great day! :)


  10. Extra hour? Not with 3 kids 5 and under!! :o)

    Thanks for the follow-= following back!

  11. Thank you for supporting BHSJW and following The Coupon Scoop, now following back!

  12. Thanks for following! I'm now following you back. :)

  13. I am a new follower. I hope you will follow me back!

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