Thursday, November 18, 2010

Do *Not* Try This at Home

It's about time that I fill you in on some of the recipes that I have tried lately, so you can have an idea what to have (or not have- as evidenced by a rather strange concoction from the other day) for dinner.

Let's go with some of the winners first:

  1. Looking for something light and simple to put together? The other night we had lemony chicken Caesar salad for dinner with some soup on the side. Though Caesar dressing is usually chock-full of fattening ingredients, when you make it yourself, you can control what goes into it. For example, I used a light mayo instead of the full-fat variety, and only used about half the recommended dressing for the finished product. Additionally, I decided to forgo the croutons in lieu of a slice of toasted french bread that could either be crumbled on top of the salad or dipped in the soup!

  2. One of the wonderful things about autumn is the plethora of fall vegetables that line the shelves of the produce department, the flavors of which can comfort and warm you. That is why on Sunday I made pumpkin lasagna, testing out a new recipe from Robert Irvine. The final product came out really delicious (I loved the combination with the spicy sausage!), but the left-overs (of which there were A LOT) were kind of mushy- not very appealing.

  3. Another good one was the turkey-sweet potato shepherd's pie that I made last night. It was different, but good. Although I was hesitant to add the orange zest to the potatoes for fear that they would become too citrusy, the the flavors were actually really good together.

and the big, fat loser:

  1. Okay now for the one you've been waiting for, the one that I will NEVER make again, orange-glazed chicken with pears. I have included the link because you never know if some readers are masochists who actually want to try this atrocity. The white vinegar, the soy sauce, the ridiculous amount of sugar- it was like a joke. Ugh! And it had sounded so good... Oh, well.

So, good luck to you all with your cooking adventures this week- and don't forget to drop me a line if you've tried any of these or are planning on it!


  1. well i def. will try the chicken salad tonight. i got a whole bag of salad mix that needs to be eaten up:) thanks doll

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