Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Unhappy Meals?

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The real question is, should the government be allowed to control the contents of a legal and safe item that is sold to the public? Well, frankly, no.

A San Francisco board committee is getting closer to approving the legislation to ban the toys inside happy meals and kids' meals (you can read about it here). Are the toys unfit for the children to play with? No... Are they made out of marijuana, prompting kids to light them on fire and smoke? No...

The reasoning behind the ban is that, with childhood obesity on the rise, kids should not be extrinsically rewarded for choosing to eat a greasy, fatty (yet completely delectable) cheeseburger and fries.

News flash! It's not their choice.

Show me a 12-year old kid who decides to take his or her mom's car out for a spin to go get some chicken mcnuggets, and I'll show you some more deeply-rooted issues than an ample belly.

If parents feel that their children are not “nutritionally sound” then they should not offer a quick stop at the drive-thru as a dinner option. 

Like so many other things, this is not up to the government to decide.


  1. Thanks for visiting my post! I like the way you write. And I agree with you. The government should not have control over this issue, or many others.

  2. I see their point, but I totally agree that the government should get LOST on this one! On another note, I loved your Wordless Wednesday post. So cute!! Also, thanks for joining the "Funny Moms" group on "Bloggy Moms". Yay!!


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