Monday, October 4, 2010

An "Official" Blogger

So my husband looked at me sitting at the computer this weekend, face about an inch and a half from the screen, fingers primed over the letters of the keyboard, and proclaimed, “Wow, you're like a total blogger now.”
And, I guess I sorta am.

Writing is very relaxing to me, and this site gives me an outlet to do so, about anything I choose; and it's mine, so nobody can tell me that it's wrong. Ha!

So, today I choose to write about dinner last week, specifically the Osso Bucco that I slaved over for Kyle's birthday meal. Using the recipe that I searched for on the food network's site, I set to work.
Searing the meat was easy, yet slightly scary. Knowing the cost for each piece of Osso Bucco, I didn't want to mess up at all, so burning it within the first 30 seconds would not be a good thing.
I caramelized all the veggies and followed the directions to a T. When I went to put the meat back into the pan with the veggies however, I realized that I had about 1/3 of the broth (and the wrong kind- beef versus lamb) that the recipe called for.
I poured it in anyway, along with whatever chicken broth I had lying around and some water. Looking at the pan, which was filled to the brim, I had to wonder, how could I have even fit more broth? Oh well- by that point I had given up trying to make it perfect.
The Osso Bucco slow-cooked in the oven then for about two hours. After it comes out, the meat is supposed to practically fall off the bone. Mmmmm.
The last step is to ladle the broth with the veggies into the blender and puree to make it into a yummy sauce. When I did so, however, an explosion ensued, causing a waterspout that reddened the backsplash in my kitchen and completely soaked my shirt. In retrospect, an apron probably would have been a good thing.
The end result? Success! The meat was delicious over a bed of egg noodles with some roasted veggies and a nice big salad on the side.
*Note: This is not a “weeknight meal.” Unless, of course you want to spend 4 hours in the kitchen on a lovely Tuesday afternoon...

So, this week, I have a couple new recipes to try, both from “Cooking Light” Magazine.

Let me know if you try either of these out too- and I'll tell you how it went for me!

An official blogger


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