Friday, October 1, 2010

Embarrassing High School Moments...

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Being a teenager is a time of transition, when making mistakes is an everyday occurrence. These blunders help us to become the men and women we are today, so, in that respect, they are necessary.

In high school, there were plenty of moments that were excruciatingly embarrassing, from my numerous stumbles (okay, full-fledged nose-dives) in the hallway to some of the idiotic words that lumbered out of my mouth (how was I ALWAYS wrong?)...

I want to take this opportunity, however, to discuss the wardrobe defects that made up these years:

  • The first trend that was prevalent during this time was the grunge look. Anyone who was anyone had a flannel shirt tied around his or her waist and a distinct air of “I-don't-care-about-anyone-or-anything.”

  • Next was the “co-ed naked” teeshirts. I had one that said “co-ed naked lacrosse” across the front, but I didn't even play clothed lacrosse. Go figure.

  • Another trend during high school was the second coming of the bell-bottom. The bigger the better was the goal of teenaged girls at my school. Finally there was a clothing fad that was distinctly feminine, though.

  • Ugh- the foam platform sandal.
There were so many other horrific styles that we bought into. But by the very end of high school, the chicest ensembles were those that were the most simplistic. For my prom I wore a very uncomplicated navy blue dress with zero adornments.
No fun!
If I could do it again, I would at least have had a feather boa. Or orange opera gloves. Or ridiculous shoes. What's the point of a trend if we can't make fun of it later?

So, tell me- what were some of the terrible (or terribly amazing) clothing (or hairstyle, or toenail polish color, or whatever) fads from YOUR childhood?


  1. New follower!!

    80's bangs (you know... really high and clued with Aqua Net)

    Hypercolor shirts (they magically changed colors when they got hot.. who thought this was a good idea?!?! Arm pits people!!!?!?!)

    Silk Shirts... really?!?!

    Debbie Gibson hat's!

    Ahhh... the 80's!!

  2. Hilarious- the 80s were unforgettable. Jelly bracelets? Yes please.

  3. LOL
    Great blog. Following from Sunday blog hop.

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  4. I just joined the Bloggy Moms Writers Workshop and saw your post. I think the 80's have a lot of embarrassing moments with just the hair and the clothes let alone the embarrassing things we did as a teenager...LOL. Great post. I am excited to be a part of this Writers Workshop. Nice to meet you Kirsten.

    Anne @

  5. Following you from the Give it to me Monday blog hop!

    Keri :)

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