Thursday, October 14, 2010


Perhaps I'm disclosing too much information here, but the past couple of days I've been thinking a lot about cravings, mostly because of my insatiable urge recently to devour as many Twizzlers as I can get my hands on. Normal girly hormonal fluctuations are the cause for my recent hankerings (at least, I hope they're normal...), but I can recall as a newly pregnant lady, I had been completely dependent on frozen food.

I distinctly remember a time when Kyle went for a meeting and returned to find the freezer filled to the brim with bagel bites, taquitos, and pizza rolls. This, of course, is besides the 3 containers of Ben & Jerry's that lined the freezer door.

As time went on and my belly expanded, I desired Taco Bell. I needed Taco Bell. I would drive anywhere to find it- even in the most undesirable of neighborhoods.

I was completely repulsed by a variety of things- all of which were healthy (or healthier): salad, yogurt, anything labeled as “low-fat” or “fat-free”...

So I'm curious- what are some of the things that you craved, during pregnancy or otherwise, and what foods were you completely turned off by?


  1. This is a good one! For my first pregnancy, canned tuna became "Voldamort" in our house. I could eat it if it was disguised (like Voldamort casserole) but don't show me the can! I don't remember craving to much though I did have a bowl of vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce EVERY night. With my second, I was sick from the start. By the time the 'morning' sickness was gone, the heartburn set in. I didn't really crave anything cause I couldn't really eat anything without facing a night awake from the heartburn. Boy was I glad when that pregnancy was done!

  2. Hilarious! I totally remember telling hubby to "disguise" things!

  3. With my first pregnancy, I wanted padthai in the worst way, and I practically lived off of frozen pizzas and oatmeal. But the weirdest craving I had was for a cigarette! And I had never smoked a day in my life. But I had really vivid dreams about it, and everytime someone on TV would light up I would want it soo bad. Weird right?

  4. Chicken mcnuggets and sweet and sour sauce. Yummmm. I couldn't get enough when I was pregnant!! LOL!

  5. Now I'm in the mood for padthai and chicken mcnuggets. Ooooo- and candy corn.

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  7. HA! I had to have Flipz- you know those fudge covered pretzels with #1. Had to have Burger King onion rings with #2 and with #3 it was ice cream- by the half gallon. I also remember once we were making tacos. My husband thought he would save us some time by getting the pre-shredded cheese. I opened it to find flecks of green in it. Made him take it back to the store- where they determined it was jalapeƱo cheese- not mold. The manager tried to get him to not exchange it- but my husband had to explain that he had a pregnant wife at home and if he didn't come home with a new package of different cheese- it would be all bad for him. :) Gotta love them.

  8. Hi! I craved cinnimon rolls with cheese sauce. So strange. I could not eat any type of veggy. They all tasted like dirt to me. Oh, the Joys of Pregnancy!


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  11. Haven't been pregnant yet but I just wanted to say that I adore B&Js peanut butter cup ice cream!


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