Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Yes, It's Another Dinner Plan

I haven't forgotten my roots, folks, just got bored of solely writing down my menu for the week.  That said, I want to point out again that last week's menu included the recipes from Real Simple's article, entitled 
"Your Four Week Dinner Plan" which can be found here.  Using the recipes from week one, I made the roasted tilapia and potatoes, turkey burgers with creamy romaine slaw, pork cutlets with spicy noodles, and the steak with roasted carrots and onions.  Each dinner was super-quick and easy (without an insane amount of chopping), and all of them were completely delicious.  I highly recommend all five of these meals.

Last night I made little thimbles sciue sciue (the cutesy name is because it's a children's dish), which is always a fresh and yummy choice.  For Kyle's birthday dinner, I'll try my hand at Osso Bucco.  Wish me luck- I have a feeling I'll need it!

For the other days that we're home, I'll use a couple recipes from week two of the Real Simple article.  I'm assuming since the others were so good, these will be too, but you know what they say about those who assume...


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