Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Little Irritating Things About Mommihood

I love my child, but sometimes we all need to vent.
Who me?

The Little Irritating Things (that no one ever tells you) About Mommihood:

  1. $30 worth of diapers do not even fill up half of the “diaper stacker.”
  2. Toddlers have the ability to ravage every other room in the house quicker than you can clean up the den.
  3. It's only when they're wearing a nice outfit and you're in a rush to leave when they pour an entire container of yogurt down their front.
  4. The car is in a constant state of, “Oh, no, it doesn't always look like that...”
  5. Are they child-proof locks on the cabinet doors, or are they me-proof?
  6. Children are constantly trying to severely injure themselves: running on the couch? Climbing on chairs? Knocking over... everything? Really??
  7. They know what the word “no” means, because they say it all the time, but if you say it? No response.

What else do these kids do in your household that drives you up the wall?


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