Friday, September 17, 2010

Guinness, but not the beer (blarg)

Side note: Before I begin, I want to make a request that everyone who is reading this imagines everything that is said to be in a British accent. This will make even the most half-witted commentary seem more... highbrow.

I really don't have much to say- Avery is in her cage (er, pack-and-play) watching Elmo dance around with a box of talking crayons, and I am procrastinating with the knowledge that the entire house needs to be cleaned. 

This morning's weather is dreary and wet- a perfect day to do some tidying up, so, alas, I believe it's time.

I do want to let all of my 10 devoted followers (as well as anyone who accidentally stumbles upon my humble little blog) that I do have another article out on I was trying to be current by writing about Educational World Records, since Guinness published their 2011 book yesterday (I saw it on Regis and Kelly). So I thought I'd write a piece that was research-based (and by research I mean that I went on the Guinness website). The article can be found here.

Now, is anyone else suddenly in the mood for a stout?


  1. Your articles are good. I went to the site.
    BTW "cage"- that's funny.

  2. Thanks! Keep going to the article pages! Subscribe! Do I seem needy?


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