Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Examiner.com AND a new recipe to try

“So Kirsten, what have you been doing for the past week that you don't have the time to write a simple blog post?”

Well, ladies and gents- I have been cheating on you... writing for another venue- and getting payed! Thus far I have racked up 17 cents. I'm super-psyched! Anyway, this news site is examiner.com, and right now I'm a “New York Education Examiner.” PLEASE come take a look. I'm going to try to deal with issues that pertain to both educators and parents of school-aged children alike. When you visit, you can also subscribe; I will love you forever if you do. My goal is to be the most well-regarded and famous examiner of all time (judging by the 17-cent salary, I'm not so sure that that will happen anytime soon).

My first article, talking about a system of organization, is found here (I actually did my thesis on this method, so if there are any questions I know WAY too much about color-coding as a organizational strategy).

My second article is here. It is on the questions that are necessary for one to ask the teacher on back-to-school night.

My third article is here. It is the summary of a lesson that I've done on listing 100 goals. It is also something that a family can do each year to help kids to stay focused on their personal objectives.

Come and take a look around... I know you want to...
Kisses! Kir

ps- I will be trying out a new recipe this week- Chicken in Wine Sauce 
Wish me luck- I hope it's better than the pork from last time (ick)!


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