Monday, August 16, 2010

A Return?

No meal plan this week; as I look toward the next seven days, I realize that it will be CRAZY! A couple days out in Jamesport, a Giants game (for Kyle), a late work night... It's just not worth it to get a bunch of ingredients at the grocery store that I'm not going to use.

So... I'm starting to get the itch to return to work. I think it's all the back-to-school commercials that advertise a “new beginning” to the kids watching TV. It's me, however, that gets psyched up for a fresh start.

      1. New notebooks, pens, posters...
      2. Wearing all the work clothes that have been hanging up in my closet, rejected for the past year.
      3. When I come home from work, my daughter will be excited to see me, rather than the normal “Ugh- you're old-hat” reaction that I have been getting.
      4. Appreciation for a job well done, coming from someone other than my husband.
      5. An extra couple of bucks to put away in the bank.

There are some pitfalls to beginning anew, though.
      1. Interviews. I always get too nervous to speak coherently, and I inevitably say something stupid.
      2. Finding appropriate child-care for Avery.
      3. Waking up at some ungodly hour to arrive there by- what time? Seven?
      4. No time for things like grocery shopping, going to the gym, attending programs at the library, and missing some of my child's milestones.

Decisions, decisions.
All I know is that I better consider my options quickly, because the school year begins in a couple weeks.
I need help!


  1. Maybe you can find a part time position like me. :) Then you get the best of both worlds.

  2. Seriously- that would be perfect! Do you think they're hiring in Maryland? It'll be quite a commute from New York, but I'm willing to make the commitment.


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