Monday, August 30, 2010

Dinner Plan: 8/30/10

A Wendy's induced coma last night brought me a morning of extreme thirst (who knew that a #6 was so freaking salty?) and memories of some whacked-out dreams. Some home-cooked fresh ingredients are what I need to snap out of this fast-food daze that is still ever-present...

Weekly Dinner Plan
Monday: Chicken parmesan, salad

Wednesday:                   Beach night
Yes, this was ACTUALLY taken at the beach.  That's the side of a cabana there.  Gorgeous sunset!

God, that's a long name.

The best part about repeating recipes is that I still have all the random ingredients sitting around- waiting to be used again.
Orange marmalade? Check.
Sesame oil? Got it.
Teriyaki sauce? It's in the fridge, just waiting for its second chance...

Friday: Out to dinner

Saturday: Chicken marengo, salad

Wait... should I be cooking on the night before my birthday?
This one may not actually transpire.

Sunday: My birthday! I'm officially “in my thirties.” I think I'm gonna throw up.
               Happy birthday Mommy! (Now clean me up)


  1. I kind of like the controversial blogs better. But I guess it's cool to know what you're eating and the monstrosities you feed your child. She actually has chocolate in her hair? Again, like mother like daughter. I also notice how you have neatly "planned" when you're going to the beach this week. Doesn't mom just TELL you when you're going?

  2. I am already a follower of your blog, but now I guess its offical. Are you happy now? So needy. geez.

  3. Mag- "Man plans, God laughs." Isn't that something that Mom always says? I don't know how it refers to what you're saying, but I'd like to inherit the moniker of "The Quotist" someday.

    Lo- I'm extremely needy. How do you not know that by now?

  4. hmm well if you do inherit that, always remember, "when you do a job, do it right."

  5. That's very true. After all, "God writes straight with crooked lines."


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