Monday, August 23, 2010

Dinner Plan: 8/23/10, AKA: Recycle- it's what the cool kids are doing!

I don't necessarily get the whole “recycling makes me an exceedingly better person than those around me” mentality. I do probably agree that you are a fantastic individual, but I, personally, don't really like to flaunt my ability to salvage every morsel of garbage that comes my way. Not only that, but I'd rather my neighbors not see and comment on the plethora wine, vodka, bourbon, and beer bottles that would litter the red can at the curb each week. I do, however, think it's important to reuse old things when possible. So, at this time, I am going back to recover some of my former good recipes instead of researching new ones to try. I swear: it's NOT laziness. It's recycling.

Weekly Dinner Plan
Alright- so the salad is newbie, but we need to find some creative ways to use the inordinate amount of tomatoes that are coming off the vines presently.

Tuesday: Veggie burgers
Kyle will not be home for dinner, so I'll forgo an actual dinner preparation in favor of something quick and easy.

Wednesday: Chicken pot-pie, salad

If I remember correctly, this recipe was extremely messy, but I'll give it another go...

Friday: The forecast says that it will be a return to the nicer weather- so let's call this a beach night!

Saturday: Date night- I think it's about time that we enjoy a night out!

So, remember boys and girls: Reusing your old recipes makes for an easier time in the kitchen!


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