Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dinner Plan: 8/2/10

It took me a couple days to recover, but I think I'm finally over the weekend. Apparently I'm no longer of an age to stay up late drinking, sleep on a lumpy hotel mattress, then wake up early to drive back from Riverhead.
The wedding was wonderful, though: blushing bride, handsome groom, and dancing wildly to Ke$ha songs until all hours. Success!
Which brings me to Sunday when I became a Godmother to the son of my oldest friend. Two days in a row of being in church... I never knew I was such a devout Catholic!

Weekly Dinner Plan
Monday: Whoops! Too tired to go to the store- my dad made steak at the beach.

I just realized the time... No supermarket for me today, the aquarium took up too much of our day! Although this recipe was on the agenda for last week, I didn't get to it. A blessing, since we already have the ingredients!

Wednesday: Tuna casserole, salad
I actually still have the Grape Nuts cereal in my cabinet from last time I made this (March!), so it needs to be done. Besides, I so can channel June Cleaver when I sport an apron and mitts, lovingly taking a casserole out of the oven. I'm just so sweet. Okay- maybe not.

Thursday: Baked pesto chicken, couscous, salad
Glancing down at the above website, I realized that this seemed an easy supper to try. One caveat: if you're making pasta earlier in the week (like I am), you may want to replace the angel hair with a different starch. In this case, I'm using couscous.

Since I loved the pork with peaches so much last week, I thought I'd try another fruity and meaty combo!

Saturday: Grilled Tilapia, salad
Mmmm... the aquarium put me in the mood for fish.  Sick, I know.

We're a little heavy on the chicken this week, and probably be clucking by Friday, but we're making it in all different ways, unlike when I was a kid. My sister insisted that we have grilled chicken, rice, and salad every night. Or McDonald's.


  1. I totally feel what you're saying about not being able to do......things......you used to! Do you guys have a local CSA farm near where you are?

  2. We live in the middle of long Island, so there are two or three CSAs out by the hamptons and several closer to Manhattan, but nothing around the corner! I used to like frequenting the farm stand that was close by, but when they closed down, it was just more convenient to buy my produce (if not as tasty) at the grocery store.


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