Monday, July 26, 2010

Dinner Plan: 7/26/10

I felt like NOTHING was going as planned last week, to unfortunate culinary productions: rotten lettuce on Monday resulted in an absence of anything resembling palatable fodder, then on Tuesday the fish just didn't come out quite right and I realized that the sesame seeds that I was supposed to use were still perched on the dish in the toaster well after we had eaten. When Wednesday evening rolled around, I just could not find the veggie burgers in the freezer, so I had to defrost some pizza. Thursday... well, actually the pork and peaches were pretty good (I over-cooked the meat as usual, but what else is new?). Actually the rest of the week went okay- the mussels were delicious, although we ended up just cooking them in wine and garlic, using the pesto for some pasta to go with them, and I never made the rigatoni, opting instead for some ravioli and marinara from the local Italian market. Now, I figure, we're on an upward swing! Let's see where the week takes us...

Weekly Dinner Plan
Monday: Honey-glazed chicken, couscous, salad  
A simple enough meal that will be hearty and homey enough for poor Kyle, who has been out all day with jury duty.

As I read through this recipe in Giada's newest cookbook, I come to the realization that I have definitely made this recipe in the past- in fact, the recent past. The salsa seems so refreshing, though, with it's citrus flavors and fresh herbs... I look forward to feasting upon it!

I actually started drooling a little as I perused this recipe from the master herself, Martha. The only reason I am not making this right away is that I've had pasta every night for days. I think my body needs a carbo-rest.

This is it- my last chance to get nice and skinny before sliding into the bridesmaid gown. One day of eating well is all it takes, right?

Friday: Rehearsal Dinner
One of my other BFFs is taking the plunge tomorrow out East. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous this weekend... hooray!

Saturday: Whoo-hoo! Wedding!

The happy couple!


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