Monday, July 12, 2010

Dinner Plan: 7/12/10

Okay- so things didn't go exactly as planned. By the end of last week, actually, NOTHING went according to plan. This week I will try to use some recipes that I had decided on previously, and that I probably still have the ingredients for (provided they have not exceeded their expirations- which very much might be the case).

Weekly Dinner Plan
Alright, alright... I stole all three parts of this meal from pieces of last week's dinner plans. Waste not, want not, right?

Tuesday: Family Day for the Lion's Club
(I'm hoping they'll feed us!)

Elie Krieger is a dietitian, so I trust her to help me fit into my bridesmaid's dress in a couple of weeks!

Thursday: Beer-can chicken, green salad, sweet potato fries
Who can resist how ridiculous the chicken looks, all propped up on the barbeque like it's about to do a tap dance? I know I can't- and the result is delicious to boot! Not only does the cooking technique LOOK super-classy, but you can finish off the rest of the beer as you wait for it to cook (I wonder where I can get me some Natty Ice...). Bobby Flay, the king of the grill, gives us this recipe, that includes a cola BBQ sauce. Yummy!

Friday: Clam bake at the club
Mmmm... Oysters and lobster and salmon- oh my!

Saturday: Wedding tonight!
...And it's going to be GORGEOUS, I know! Now, what am I going to wear...?

Sunday: Upon our return from the city, there will probably not be any cooking. Take out it is!


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