Monday, July 26, 2010

Dinner Plan: 7/26/10

I felt like NOTHING was going as planned last week, to unfortunate culinary productions: rotten lettuce on Monday resulted in an absence of anything resembling palatable fodder, then on Tuesday the fish just didn't come out quite right and I realized that the sesame seeds that I was supposed to use were still perched on the dish in the toaster well after we had eaten. When Wednesday evening rolled around, I just could not find the veggie burgers in the freezer, so I had to defrost some pizza. Thursday... well, actually the pork and peaches were pretty good (I over-cooked the meat as usual, but what else is new?). Actually the rest of the week went okay- the mussels were delicious, although we ended up just cooking them in wine and garlic, using the pesto for some pasta to go with them, and I never made the rigatoni, opting instead for some ravioli and marinara from the local Italian market. Now, I figure, we're on an upward swing! Let's see where the week takes us...

Weekly Dinner Plan
Monday: Honey-glazed chicken, couscous, salad  
A simple enough meal that will be hearty and homey enough for poor Kyle, who has been out all day with jury duty.

As I read through this recipe in Giada's newest cookbook, I come to the realization that I have definitely made this recipe in the past- in fact, the recent past. The salsa seems so refreshing, though, with it's citrus flavors and fresh herbs... I look forward to feasting upon it!

I actually started drooling a little as I perused this recipe from the master herself, Martha. The only reason I am not making this right away is that I've had pasta every night for days. I think my body needs a carbo-rest.

This is it- my last chance to get nice and skinny before sliding into the bridesmaid gown. One day of eating well is all it takes, right?

Friday: Rehearsal Dinner
One of my other BFFs is taking the plunge tomorrow out East. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous this weekend... hooray!

Saturday: Whoo-hoo! Wedding!

The happy couple!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dinner Plan: 7/19/10

My calendar is claiming that we have 0 weddings this week. Can this be possible? Let's celebrate with an easy menu...

Weekly Dinner Plan
Monday: Sauteed peas with pasta, salad
After successfully removing every item from my purse and throwing it around like confetti throughout the living room, Avery has become exhausted and has gone down for an unexpected afternoon nap, so I don't think going to the supermarket is in the cards for today. Luckily, we have the ingredients to make some pasta and a bit of lettuce for a side salad!

Tuesday: Grilled Ahi tuna, grilled oriental eggplant, salad
I think good tuna is best seasoned with just a little salt and pepper, then placed on the grill for a couple minutes. Nothing fancy... leave a great thing alone!

Wednesday: Veggie Burgers
A late golf game for Kyle means that I'm on my own for dinner. Morningstar's veggie burgers are a good option- easy AND already in the freezer. SOLD!

Thursday: Roasted pork chops and peaches, couscous, salad
Just got my August issue of Real Simple yesterday, so I thought I'd try some of their recipes. I love the thought of such a sweet and savory combination!

Friday: Mussels with pesto, salad
My favorite thing in the summer is to nosh on fresh shellfish while enjoying a beautiful sunset. The experience reminds me of a trip to Honfleur, a stunning port town in Normandy, France. Sitting at an outdoor cafe with my mom, we enjoyed bowls of these wonderful treats, while looking out at the colorful houses that line the port. Hopefully, this recipe can compare to the simple goodness that we enjoyed on that day.

Saturday: Rigatoni peperonata, salad
On Monday we had PASTINA, so that meal really counts as soup, right? Right?
This meal looked too good to pass up anyway. So pasta night occurs twice this time... I'll just have to where Spanx under my bridesmaid dress next week.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Dinner Plan: 7/12/10

Okay- so things didn't go exactly as planned. By the end of last week, actually, NOTHING went according to plan. This week I will try to use some recipes that I had decided on previously, and that I probably still have the ingredients for (provided they have not exceeded their expirations- which very much might be the case).

Weekly Dinner Plan
Alright, alright... I stole all three parts of this meal from pieces of last week's dinner plans. Waste not, want not, right?

Tuesday: Family Day for the Lion's Club
(I'm hoping they'll feed us!)

Elie Krieger is a dietitian, so I trust her to help me fit into my bridesmaid's dress in a couple of weeks!

Thursday: Beer-can chicken, green salad, sweet potato fries
Who can resist how ridiculous the chicken looks, all propped up on the barbeque like it's about to do a tap dance? I know I can't- and the result is delicious to boot! Not only does the cooking technique LOOK super-classy, but you can finish off the rest of the beer as you wait for it to cook (I wonder where I can get me some Natty Ice...). Bobby Flay, the king of the grill, gives us this recipe, that includes a cola BBQ sauce. Yummy!

Friday: Clam bake at the club
Mmmm... Oysters and lobster and salmon- oh my!

Saturday: Wedding tonight!
...And it's going to be GORGEOUS, I know! Now, what am I going to wear...?

Sunday: Upon our return from the city, there will probably not be any cooking. Take out it is!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dinner Plan: 7/5/10

Summertime definitely makes me less apt to plan out my weekly meals. Arrangements are constantly changing (usually at the last minute) and I feel like my calendar has become completely booked up (must be because of my excessive popularity... uh, okay,maybe not). I'll do my best to try to stay on track and attempt to predict the events that will occur during the evening hours. Hmmm...

Weekly Dinner Plan
Monday: Shrimp scampi over gemelli pasta and tomato, cucumber, and onion salad
Yesterday's meal was made in its entirety by Kyle, while I whined pathetically about my on-going cold from the other room.
The shrimp scampi was good, as it always is, using the frozen “Harvest of the Sea” brand from Costco. The gemelli was kind of difficult to eat, though; it slid off my fork when I tried to pick it up and refused to be stabbed with the utensil. Perhaps the pasta's unruliness was a higher power telling me not to consume so much food after a weekend of burgers (and fries) (and onion rings) (and desserts).
Kyle made the salad by tossing together all the fresh veggies with some olive oil, red wine vinegar, and a bit of salt. It was very fresh and delicious- I suggest you try it!

Tuesday: Grilled chicken, salad, corn on the cob (with butter, salt, and paprika)
Grilling at the beach tonight!

Wednesday: Tortelloni with sage butter, salad  
This is a recipe from Mario Batali's cookbook Molto Italiano (2005), p. 231. The directions call for the cook to make his or her own pasta (yes, from scratch!), but, since I know that won't happen, I figured that I'd just by some fresh tortellini and mix it with butter and sage leaves.

Thursday: Mustard-roasted fish, rice, salad  
According to Glamour Magazine, we're ideally supposed to be consuming fish twice a week. Unfortunately it tends to be an expense to eat it that often, not to mention the special trip out to the fish monger each time. That said, I am going to try to take care of myself a little more by devouring more marine life. This Barefoot Contessa recipe does not call for any fish in particular, which means I can check out what's fresh and yummy looking that day!

This sounds like a very good steak recipe, and since it's made with lettuce and tomato, it's healthy, right?

Okay, so here's fish meal #2 for the week, chosen for the fact that there are so few ingredients!

Hopefully this week will give me time to rest my aching throat and runny nose. The simplicity of these recipes (and the fact that many of them require Kyle to grill) will give me some time to recover from a crazy (but super-fun) weekend!
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