Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Yesterday's Pernicious Pizza

Perhaps you have two hours to spend on dinner preparation each night. If you do, great- I don't judge (well, about THAT). But if you do not have extensive man-hours to put in in the kitchen, perhaps Giada's caramelized onion and sausage pizza is not for you. And, for the amount of time it takes to thinly slice and saute the onions for 25 minutes, their taste was almost completely disguised by the gorgonzola. I think it was a good idea, but should have stayed as such: a fleeting glimmer, yet quick to be discarded, idea.

Tonight, I will try the chicken salad wraps; however, I did make a few changes to make them a bit more filling (and a bit more unhealthy). The recipe simply calls for “3 cups of diced grilled chicken,” but I cheated, baking chicken cutlets in the oven with mustard, olive oil, panko bread crumbs, parmesan cheese, and rosemary. I diced that up when it was finished and added it to some Greek yogurt, cilantro, and garlic. When I wrap up the sandwiches in their fajita cocoon, a little mango will be nestled in there too. Unfortunately, I am speaking of the future because as I sit here, I am awaiting the arrival of my husband (who is hard at work at an appointment).

Tonight's meal had a couple extra step thrown in, and yet it still didn't take hours on end to put together. So... the moral here is that the more time spent on a dish does not necessarily mean that it will be better tasting, just the result of a lot of time wasted in the kitchen!


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