Monday, May 3, 2010

Dinner Plan: 5/3/10

When Kyle is away... I don't cook, or so it was last week. I noticed that the previous dinner plan didn't exactly go as I had expected, with a lot of defrosting in lieu of the intended meals. Because of a lack of labels on each item of food (“I'll definitely know what this is in a couple months!”), I had to play a guessing game each morning, trying to decipher what each thing was while it was frozen solid. The food, by the way, that defrosted the best was the chicken pot pie (, supposedly a healthy version of the comfort classic.

So let's try this again (and this time I'll try to follow it more diligently!)...

Weekly Dinner Plan

pasta side dish

Wednesday, Cinco de mayo!: Slow-cooker pork tacos (, rice and black beans, salad

Thursday: Shrimp scampi (Harvest of the Sea makes it frozen and we get it at Costco- it's a great thing to have in the freezer, for “one of those days”) over linguini, salad

Sunday: Mother's Day- maybe I won't have to do ANYTHING all day! Wouldn't that be nice (if completely unrealistic)?

PS- If anyone has any recipes, cooking websites, cookbooks, or magazines with recipes that they have used in the past, please let me know. I'm sick of resorting to the same sites over and over!


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