Monday, May 17, 2010

Dinner Plan: 5/17/10

I have a goal this week: no leftovers! The fridge is to it's capacity right now with all the food remaining from Avery's birthday party (a success, by the way!). We'll give it a go...

Weekly Dinner Plan
Monday: Braised chicken and spring vegetables, couscous, salad
from “Real Simple” magazine, May 2010, p. 272, recipe is also found at

Tuesday: Chili-rubbed pork chops, spanish rice, salad

Wednesday: Spring chicken salad

Thursday: Boca burgers with avocado slices and swiss cheese, sweet potato fries

Friday: Chicken soft tacos, salad

Saturday: Ginger salmon, salad

Sunday: Off to the Mendelsohn's house we go!


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