Monday, May 10, 2010

Dinner Plan: 5/10/10

This will be a crazy week, preparing to have the family over on Saturday for Avery's first birthday and my mom comes Wednesday to stay with us! Trying to organize myself for the party is a job in itself, so I know I have to take it easy this week with the cooking. This is what I came up with...

Weekly Dinner Plan
Monday: Turkey burgers
We're really going to have them this time, I swear!

Tuesday: Rotisserie chicken, salad, couscous

Wednesday: Avery's actual birthday!

Thursday: Ravioli
Another great Costco find: Pasta Prima Ravioli- comes with all the yummy seasonings in the big bag that goes in the freezer.

Friday: Chicken on the bone (BBQed), salad, rice in chicken broth
This meal is kind of a throw-back to my days living at home, since my mom will be here. I'm pretty sure it's all my sister would consume for a couple years (other than McDonald's and deli sandwiches).

Saturday: Avery's birthday party!

Sunday: My clairvoyant senses tell me I'll be too exhausted from the party, and there will be NO cooking for me (cue smoke and eerie fade out).

You'll notice a lack of recipes- this week's cooking energy will all go toward the creation of food for Avery's birthday (what a special girl)!

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