Saturday, May 8, 2010

Critique of the Week

The low sizzle was almost inaudible, but I had a sense that something just wasn't right. As I turned around, a deafening explosion rocked the kitchen; both dogs began barking at the mysterious booming noise and Avery's cries at the abruptness of the sudden outburst filled the house with a harsh cacophony, like 200 musical instruments each being tuned at the same time.

Although the recipe calls for it specifically, chiles DO NOT belong in the microwave.

So, days later, as I still deal with the inferno underneath my fingernails from scraping the seeds out of the hot pepper, I have to confess: I don't think the “slow-cooker pork tacos” were worth the effort (or the pain). Since I already prattled on about my disappointment with the sausage pizza, I have to ask, what was worth the kitchen-exertion this week?

As I said, the chicken salad wraps were great, with a few modifications. I loved the addition of Greek yogurt instead of mayo- it made them lighter, and I thought the salad ended up having a better flavor.

Shrimp scampi- fantastic as always. Easy-peasey.

The chicken cutlets with tomato saute was okay. It may just be me, but I'm not really a fan of boneless, skinless chicken sauteed on the stove. The result can be a tough consistency and somewhat bland flavor. The tomatoes were good, though- a wonderful alternative to a much heavier tomato sauce.

Turkey burgers are tonight, but they're pretty basic, so they should be okay.

Overall, the week of food wasn't as bad as I thought looking back on it. I look forward to a mother's day tomorrow filled with food that was not made by me!


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