Friday, April 2, 2010

A Restful Slumber

At 6:55 am, the first wake-up call came.  Sadie's untrimmed nails tapping across the wood floors of our bedroom… ignore, ignore, ignore.
Then the next signal that morning was upon us: Winnie walking around the bed, with absolutely no consideration for our faces, bodies, anything… ignore, ignore, ignore.
The third and final alarm clock came in the form of Avery's insistent morning cries- "Time to wake up! It's 7 am," she seems to yell out.  There's no more ignoring at this point.

Part of the reason for my weariness this Friday is last night's colossal feast: burgers, sweet potato fries, asparagus, spinach salad.  Everything was delicious, but pretty heavy for a mid-week meal.
The barefoot contessa's burger recipe (that I posted last time) was surprisingly easy; just a little olive oil, dijon, salt, and pepper added to the ground beef, but next time I will simply roast the onions in the oven with the sweet potato fries.  What was supposed to be "caramelized" turned out to be "blackened," and, needless to say, the pot is still soaking in the sink in the hopes that it is salvageable.

I wanted to make asparagus, because it looked so scrumptious at the grocery store, and it's currently in season.  Using the cooking times posted on the blog "Questions for the Cook" (, My husband grilled the veggies right next to the burgers.  Decent, but not delectable.  The other night, though, I roasted the asparagus and they came out delish!  I don't know why I'm currently obsessed with roasting vegetables- I think it may be a phase.

So, a note to anyone who has trouble sleeping:  a large, carbohydrate-rich meal may do the trick.  You'll sleep like a, well, sweet potato fry (snug as a spud in the ov).


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