Monday, April 26, 2010

Dinner Plan: 4/26/10

I have to move fast this week- I can hear Avery in her playpen behind me making the very sweet cooing noises that she reserves for her dolls (not me). I have no idea how long this will last!

Weekly Dinner Plan

This is repeat from last Saturday, since I inhaled a Green Cactus burrito instead of cooking dinner that night. Not exactly budget-friendly (which was my goal), but, hey, it happens!

I've made this before- very good!

Mmmm... comfort food

Thursday: Boca burgers on English muffins, sweet potato fries, salad

Friday: I'm feeling some take-out (Thai, perhaps?)

Sunday: Off to the Mendelsohn's house for dinner


  1. i am SO impressed that you plan your meals a whole week out. i'm lucky if i get something out of the freezer the morning of. nice work!


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