Monday, April 19, 2010

Dinner Plan: 4/19/10

In an effort to be more frugal with the grocery bill, I am going to try to use more recipes that incorporate some of the ingredients we all ready have (especially those that are taking up all that room in the freezer). Armed with all the coupons that have been tacked up to the fridge with a magnet for weeks, I am off to the store to prove to Kyle that I can be economical if I try.
Weekly Dinner Plan
with left-over sweet potatoes and green beans, salad

I'm going to use English muffins, because we'll actually use them this week for other things. See? Thrifty!

This recipe calls for whole-wheat pasta, but I'm just using plain spaghetti that we already have in the pantry. I'm quite the rebel.

I don't know... I just need to get rid of some of this frozen corn.

with couscous, salad

Saturday: herb-crusted pork loin (, salad, some as-to-be-decided side dish

Sunday: Day off!
Enjoy a budget-friendly week!

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  1. How did the chicken burgers turn out? I wanted to make them this week, but I didn't know if it was worth it...


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