Friday, April 16, 2010

Bleak Day = Productive Day (possibly)

Finally- a dreary, cloudy, chilly day, so I can get some work done! On the agenda today is loads of laundry that I've been ignoring all week, a more adequate clean-up than I have been exhibiting in the household, and I vow to clean out the freezer EXTENSIVELY!

I am definitely going to need some more room in the freezer to shelve the plethora of leftovers that are beginning to take over the refrigerator. Chicken posole, dan dan noodles, and chicken parm are now seizing every console and shelf of the fridge. Maybe I'll just eat my way through this mess.

The dan dan noodles were okay- if a little bland. The recipe also called for a couple of ingredients that I couldn't find at the grocery store- frozen chinese egg noodles (I used dried spaetzle), sambal oelek (I used chopped chiles), and the store actually didn't carry lean ground pork, so I used a meatloaf mix that contained beef, lamb, and pork. In retrospect, I should have used a wider egg noodle and maybe more cucumber and cilantro. The sauce is good- very Thai, but not spicy at all (I suppose you can add crushed red pepper or hot sauce in the food processor if that's your thing). Maybe sprinkle some whole peanuts on top, since they are crushed in the sauce to add a bit more flavor.

Onto the chicken parmesan... The recipe itself seemed a little daunting, but it was actually one of the simplest dishes I've ever made, and super-easy to clean up. The truth is, most people have their own way of making marinara sauce, and perhaps they even have it on hand. I know I did: it's called Rao's and it's from a jar. Sorry.

If you are going to make one of these recipes this week, I definitely recommend the chicken parm, though I have not yet tried the lasagna. Okay, okay... I'll stop procrastinating and get to the freezer cleaning.


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