Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bad Mood

Sometimes it completely floors me when the person you live with is still nice to you, even after a day of nonsensical irritation at, well, everything. I will blame my complete animosity toward the world in general combined with the sheer quantity of chocolate that I consumed yesterday on hormone fluctuations; I wouldn't even consider that it is, in actuality, MY personality.

I had to make something hearty last night for dinner, in order to deal with my extreme hunger pangs, and therefore went with the chicken posole recipe. The stew was pretty good, but I have so many leftovers, I don't know what to do with them all! If I had the proper container (or the room), freezing would be a feasible option, but I cannot put one more thing in there for fear that the freezer will erupt. The best part of the meal was my favorite salsa, Desert Pepper's corn, black bean, and red pepper, garnishing the quesadillas. Substantial and delicious, I recommend this salsa to EVERYONE! So, I'm feeling better today- got a good meal in me.

I also listened to some Tori and Fiona to get it out of my system (for the time being)...


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