Friday, March 19, 2010

Witching Hour

Witching hour in my house arrives every evening at 5 o'clock- this is the time that both dogs eat, my daughter eats, and I really should begin dinner if we want to eat before 7:30 the following morning (I should point out that chopping veggies and herbs takes me FOREVER).

It's already Saturday, but I feel it would be beneficial to review this past week's hits and and misses in terms of food (it would take a very long time to discuss the tribulations that have occurred in the past week in daily life).

We'll start with Monday. Feta and sun-dried tomato turkey meatloaf- it was Giada's recipe (love her!) and can be found online at

It was super easy to make and absolutely delicious. I guess the sun-dried tomatoes kept it extremely succulent and moist. Only a couple things I changed about the ingredients (purely out of convenience): I used flavored bread crumbs instead of plain; jarred, sun-dried tomatoes packed in olive oil as opposed to garlic and herb-marinated ones; heavy cream instead of the whole milk; I did use the minced garlic (it says that it's “optional”); and about 1.3 pounds of ground turkey (because that's how much is in the package). Oh- and I didn't have the patience for the eggs to get to room temperature. All the ingredients (none of which required chopping- hooray!) went into one big bowl and I just squished it together with my hands. At first, the raw ground meat triturating between my fingers was... unusual, eventually, however, it became enjoyable. The cook time says 45 minutes, but it took more like an hour or so to get the meatloaf to an internal temperature of 165 degrees.

This recipe gets an A+ in both preparation and taste- worth a try!

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