Thursday, March 18, 2010

Trials and Errors- oh, so many errors

Life is a series of trials- I know it is my first go-around. We can make plans: I planned to make all my baby's food from scratch each day, I planned on always working full time, I planned on living a life a little less ordinary... Well, hopefully the last is still on the table (I am, according to some, still young). Without trial, how would I know that purple eye shadow just isn't for me? That making the bed shapes my mood for the entire day? That cooking, though at times frustrating, makes me feel happy; I am providing for my family (even if said family that I am providing for is just me and my husband).

That said, I have been constantly trying new recipes out, in order to keep up the variety (spice it up? Ugh- sorry), accumulate more strategies and recipes in my repertoire, and just hone this craft into a skill that I can be incredibly proud of.

And perhaps blogging about it will give me something to go on the internet for, aside from checking Facebook 85 times a day.


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