Sunday, March 21, 2010

Taking the Bad with the Good

An absolutely beautiful day yesterday meant drinking beers outside all afternoon, which consequently resulted in my throwing out the pork that had defrosted and ordering pizza instead. However, I wanted to finish up with last week's dinner trials.

On Tuesday we had a basic chicken breast (salt and pepper cooked in a skillet with olive oil)- nothing fancy. The salad, however, was delicious! The recipe is located at

I halved the recipe because it was just the two of us, but you basically just slice a peeled sweet potato (or yam) into wedges and toss with slivers of red onion (the more the better- so delectable when roasted) in olive oil, salt, and pepper on a rimmed baking sheet (so that the oil doesn't drip off). Put in a 425 degree oven for about 25 minutes. When it's done, put the mixture on a bunch of spinach and toss with lime juice. It was very tasty.

The following day was St. Patrick's day, so I tried my hand at corned beef and cabbage. I used a recipe of Alton Brown's (, but didn't brine my own beef for 10 days as suggested- I bought corned beef at the butcher. Other than that I stayed pretty true to the directions. The time was off by a lot, I felt. After 3 hours, the potatoes and cabbage were still uncooked; it was probably another hour until we took it off the stove and served it. Thankfully, my friends who were there are very understanding of my experiment, so they didn't complain about the late start to dinner.

Corned beef is very salty (who knew?) and I was guzzling water for days afterward.

Dessert was the best part: Guinness cupcakes- chocolatey and wonderful. Dave Lieberman was a genius for coming up with this- I have made these a few times and I think the homemade frosting is a little thin, making it harder to put on. This time I used store-bought cream cheese frosting and it was a perfect consistency.

My last cooking attempt for this week was halibut with a snap pea salad and cold noodles in a peanut butter sauce. 1) Halibut is really expensive for what is is- basic white fish... 2) The fish completely fell apart when I tried to turn it, then again when I tried to plate it... 3) My husband has completely sworn off peanut butter because the sauce was so thick. Ugh- not a good one! You live and learn, I guess...

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