Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Accident

A glass of Pinot Grigio in my hand, the “Glee” soundtrack playing in the background, I begin this week’s dinner preparation with tears pouring out of my eyes and mascara painted onto my cheeks like Sitting Bull. That’s right- I was cutting onions. A lot of them, actually, as the recipe for the chicken pot-pies I was making calls for two, and I was making two pies (one of which to freeze). The recipe is from Real Simple's “A Month of 400 Calorie Dinners”:

The strangest part of the experience was boiling the chicken- a technique that I have never used (and didn't even know was a possibility). It took about 20 minutes, because I was making two pounds instead of one, for the poultry to go from a fleshy, anemic hue to something that looked palatable, but it worked. The chicken was cooked through, savory, and able to be shredded with a fork (and pulled apart with my fingers when I got bored).

Overall, the dinner was very good; lots of yummy vegetables and a creamy decadent sauce. A mere 400 calories, though? It definitely doesn't taste it. Could be that I replaced half the milk with heavy cream (we ran out in the middle of my production)? That's probably it, but I think it was, as they say, “a happy accident.”


  1. It looks ugly, but I wear those plastic safety goggles you can buy at the hardware store - it's the only thing that keeps tears from pouring out of my eyes when I chop onions. It's like what we used to wear in Chem class :)

  2. i'll definitely try that... or anything at this point. Suggestions, please!

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